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Any broker knows that selling life insurance requires a different type of sales approach. After all, you’re not talking about protecting the windshield on a car here – this is much more personal. When it comes to selling life insurance, you’re asking a prospect to expose financial information, talk openly and honestly about their health, spouse, children, debts and assets. Basically, you’re asking them to talk about what’s going to happen after they die. So how do you motivate potential customers to see the value in “doing what’s right” and engaging in a serious s128 discussion about purchasing a life insurance policy? More importantly, how do you convince them that shelling out their hard-earned after tax dollars on life insurance is a good bang for their buck? Sure, there are tried and true sales techniques out there for closing a life insurance sale, but you won’t even get that far unless you begin to build a relationship with your client. Here are three relationship building techniques that yield results:

1. Host an informational seminar. Find a local community center, small restaurant meeting room or even your own office space to host an informational seminar on estate and/or retirement planning. Go through your current book and send out informal invitations, following up with an email or a phone call within a week. Be sure to offer guests a light lunch or dinner. Present an interesting topic that your existing clients can benefit from, showcasing your knowledge and positioning you as an expert on the subject. Don’t try to sell products at the seminar. The objective isn’t to make a sale at this point, but to lay the foundation for the client/agent relationship to develop. When the time comes for them to look for life insurance to meet their needs, you’ll be the expert they’ll remember.

2. Write contributing articles for your local paper. Find interesting, forward thinking topics of interest that prospects might be interested in and submit them to a local paper or monthly newsletter. Wondering what to write about? Go back to the basics and brainstorm about the benefits of having enough life insurance, or how life insurance can help a family keep their home, offset the rising cost of final expenses, etc. Don’t over think the topic, keep it simple and informative. Don’t forget to attach a byline at the end of your article with your name, website, and credentials. You can also add an offer for a free, no obligation insurance review.

3. Earn industry related credentials. Professional designations such as LUTC, CLU, and CFP are major achievements, and much like a college diploma, power positions you as an expert in your field. Once earned, be sure and list these important achievements on your letterhead, business cards, website, and on your byline for contributing articles.


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